H.A.A.R.P. Evidence

Check out my newest time-lapse video taken facing due West, over a 2 hour period. There’s obviously a lot clouds being created and wave patterns forming in unnatural ways. Take a look for yourself or check out the page on H.A.A.R.P. to learn more.

And if you want to see how it works from high up on a satellite, this guy posted a great YouTube video that clearly shows how a Meteorological Weather Station off the coast of South Africa manipulated the cloud cover at the 1:20 mark:

If you watched that video, they talk about the Marion Island Weather Research center, and propose that they are responsible for the wave pattern forming on the clouds:

Satellite View of Marion Island

Satellite View of Marion Island

The “Chemtrail/HAARP/Wind” Pattern:

1.) Lay a bunch of chemtrails

2.) charge em up  and make those wavy patterns

3.) change the pressure, wind blows, clouds expand

4.) a slight noticeable wind comes up, the clouds sort of dissipate and lose density as pressure reduces

5.) now the ionospheric blanket is spread out and fully charged in that area. this maintains a high/low pressure area based on which one you’d prefer.

6.) Repeat step 1 again


Crazy right?? But if you worked at home as much as I do, you’d have the time to witness it all day just looking out your window every 20 mins. Its incredible. The public sees them as peaceful jet traffic going all over the skies all day. Instead, they are part of a covert military operation that has multiple uses and secret advantages(Weather control, cloud creation, rain creation, drought, seismic triggering, satellite communication improvement, radio wave conductor, …and that’s just all i’m aware of at the moment).

And what do the powers at be have to say about this little HAARP program? Do they even admit it exists? Do they disclose the possible consequences(earthquakes, extreme storms, drought, floods) that could occur if its operated improperly? Check out this page out, it includes a video where politicians on C-SPAN admit they used it for ‘research’ and they are ‘canceling funding’ for it. Right.


If the evidence shows HAARP exists, or existed at one time…then it obviously was useful for research, and they just found a better way to DO what they needed to do. They need to keep satellite and radio communications connected across the globe, and by charging up an artificial blanket(the ionosphere) over the Earth, the blanket becomes a very good conductor of energy, or in this case, radio waves. Thats why so many people post HAARP photos that in essence are an old chemtrail(cotton for the blanket) that has expanded and spread out, and is being chopped up into congruent parallel pieces that are perfectly perpindicular to the chemtrail direction. Here a few photos I took in the yard with this very thing happening:

In about 20 mins time, the sky was blue. They can control cloud coverage 100% via HAARP.

In about 20 mins time, the sky was blue. They can control cloud coverage 100% via HAARP.

Another view from the same day as the photo above.

Another view from the same day as the photo above.


Chopping it up…spreading it out. They’re pros!

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