“Giving everything you have to give and loving freely because someone or something you’ve never met or seen apparently came here before you and died so that you could live this way.” -My Christian Upbringing

Have you ever believed in something so much that you never even thought to question it? Then for some reason, something drastic happens in your life and causes you to question everything. Then it all gets flipped, and your cozy world and the beliefs that enveloped it are in question. What then?? What happens when something that you’ve always believed in, and all the people around you believe in becomes questionable? To many travelers on this Earth, Religion becomes the subject of this discussion.

Church on Sunday Mornings, get baptized, be a good boy, convert others, die, go to heaven. It was so simple. Then something happened to wake you up and unhinge all those inborn beliefs that were never really founded in any real beliefs. You see, we grow up in the family we are born into, their beliefs, their traditions, they’re personalities. Then we see how big this world really is. How much history is just glanced over. Forgotten civilizations, ancient technologies, giant skeletons. Its not bullshit photoshop every time. Over 1500 giant skeletons were found off the coast of California on Catalina Island in the early 20th century, and the evidence was shipped to The Smithsonian to be put “on reserve,” never to see the light of day again.

Why cover up these secrets? Would it unhinge something in my personal life? My religious beliefs? You’d think America could handle the truth of giants. Or Bigfoot. Or Aliens. You get the picture. We think we can handle the truth, and those in power obviously disagree. Why else would they fire at an unidentified flying object over the sky of Los Angeles, CA for over an hour with heavy anti-aircraft munitions and call a full scale military account in downtown L.A., and then the next day totally deny the whole thing, and say the military was firing at an unidentified weather balloon?! No weather balloon in the history of this world could sustain an hour of bullets fired at it by multiple .50 caliber guns! You don’t believe it happened? I don’t blame you. No one talks about it, and it was all “swept under the rug” by mass media. If you must, do a google search on “The Battle of L.A.” There you will find all the links you’ll need to see that the TRUTH is being covered from our eyes.

Getting back to religion, how do we think that the Council of Nicea, and those who chose which books to include in the Bible as we know it today, chose the ‘right books?’ How do we know they weren’t being ‘selective’ in the information they provided to the people of that day? Just as the American Government is being selective in what they’ll disclose to the public today, based on our perceived reaction. The point is, history has been written, then edited. The editors decide what information lives on, and which information is left out, only to be discovered AGAIN in the future. With the Bible, why are there multiple books that were left out of the Bible? Ever heard of The Book of Enoch? Enoch was one of only a handful of people in the bible who did not die physically, but instead, were taken up into heaven by God himself. He wrote a book. And its not in the Bible. Why? Think about that.

So once again, something you’ve always believed in gets shook, and what’s your first reaction….tense up. Don’t believe it. Be a skeptic. Ok…well thats a good first gut reaction. But next you have to research it to see if the author has a point. Don’t just deny it and call it bullsh*t because you’re too lazy to actually research it. So what IS religion? Is it just your parents’ beliefs, passed down to their offspring? Is it man’s interpretation of God, the Source? Is it a place I drive to on Sundays? What is it? Its worth questioning, and its worth looking into what other religions believe. The most arrogant think we can do is think we are just RIGHT. And everyone else is wrong, and hasn’t found their way to the light yet.

Keep an open mind, challenge yourself to explain why you believe what you believe, and live a life with purpose. Like they always say, you won’t be on your deathbed wishing you had worked longer at the office. You’ll wish you were thinking and doing things that were important to your eternal soul. So, think about Religion. If its as important as you express it to be, its worth a second look at what you believe in, and why you believe in it.


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