We live in a connected world. You know exactly when someone comments on your facebook post. You’re alerted when your Mom texts you. And your LinkedIn friends know when you change jobs. Its weird to think about, but its come at us so incrementally that we see it as ‘normal.’  This post is about the power of sound. And sound is kind of like the internet. Its power snuck up on us, and we have to be careful how we use it, because it is more powerful than we ever thought. The power of sound has been around all these years, and it has been harnessed in the past, and hidden in the present. When you learn what sound is capable of…you’ll be amazed. Read on.

Ok…what IS ‘Cymatics?’ Its a big-boy term for the “the visualization of sound and the effect of frequencies on physical matter.” We hear sound at almost all times…but can you think of a time when you saw sound?? Weird to think about, but its a pretty easy demonstration to set up and perform yourself. But visualizing sound is just the first step. Recognizing the visual patterns of each frequency of sound and categorizing them for their usefulness to us as humans is the next step.

Imagine going to your doctor’s office with an allergy, and instead of him prescribing pills or a shot, he takes out a device that emits some sort of sound energy that instantly heals you of your allergy. That would be equivalent to magic! But everything is magic until you understand the science behind how it works…and sound is no exception.

The Power of Sound

Ok, lets get into Cymatics. What does SOUND look like? The table below shows the different geometric patterns created when you play different keys of the piano:

cymatics visualiztion

You can tell there is a certain pattern here that changes with the changes in music notes. This shows us there is a certain intelligence that resides deep within the wavelengths of sound, and is expressed as geometric patterns that vary with the wave frequency. That’s a bunch of fancy words saying: Different sounds create different patterns. What is important about this?  Well, sounds can create resonance, or dissonance. Just by listening to different frequencies of music, the human body changes. This is evident by the hymns we sing in church, the spirit songs and dances of tribes throughout the world, and the evidence behind the magical frequencies of 432 Hz and 528 Hz. Sounds crazy, I know, but stay with me there is evidence for these statements.

colorful cymatics

What does sound look like in action? Take a look at this beautiful video produced by musical sound artist Nigel Stanford:



  • Sound is a 3-dimensional effect that goes on FOREVER
  • Sounds are just vibrations. These vibrations create sound waves that move through the air before reaching our ears
  • When sound enters our ears, our ear vibrates in a similar way to the original source of the vibration, allowing us to hear different sounds
  • Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency, allowing them to hear things humans cannot
  • The speed of sound is 767 mph or 1230 km/h
  • Every single sound frequency has a corresponding physical shape
  • Sound travels through water faster than it travels through air
  • Whales can hear each other up to 800km away underwater


sound waves blue


Look below at one of Tesla’s most famous quotes about the secrets of the universe. Sound is definitely at the root of what he is saying because it exudes all three of the characteristics: Energy, Frequency, & Vibration. Each of these characteristics are unseen forces whose effect on physical matter can be seen in our 3-D reality.


tesla quote cymatics


This world is run by a group of people who love our dependence on dirty energy. If that was a false statement, we would have progressed far beyond coal and oil by now. Its an accepted fact that “the government is always 50 years ahead of the public” when it comes to technological discoveries and their applications. Energy is no different. I bring this up because its a documented fact that someone has boiled water with sound. Yes, read it again. They used a sound frequency to boil water. NO heat. His name is Peter Davey, and he’s a saxaphone player in his 90’s who has the video and the  proof to back it up.

peter davey water boil

What if everything we were taught about sound is only half the information?? What if sound really has the power to tap into, and magnify energy? It seems it might. And it has sat dormant as one of the basic building blocks of our human perception…with us never knowing its true power. Who would hide that information? Why would they do that? Indeed, they must have an agenda. Stay with me.


No doubt, by now, you’ve learned how the pharmaceutical industry makes billions in profits off of treating diseases, versus healing diseases. There is far more profit in continual doctor visits and medication refills, than in natural medicine, which heals the body naturally. Now imagine that same thing occurring in every single industry that profit can be milked by hiding true knowledge. But once that knowledge is unlocked, the world has no choice but to change. The archaic power structures that have held the masses down all these years will be shed like old skin.

Today, there are people and companies who are using the science of sound to create positive effects on human beings. One such example is, a new website that creates custom music for you to listen to while you are doing certain activities. For instance, if you were studying you’d be given a different track to listen to versus if you were trying to relax. It sounds like common sense, but there is an actual ‘science’ behind it.

brainfm image

A screenshot of the website. allows you the opportunity to try the software for yourself by offering 7 free sessions in order to see how it works for you. Each intention has a different method for listening to get the best results.

For example, if you choose the “Focus” session, recommends using this with your eyes open while working, studying, reading, or doing creative work, and 15-30 minutes is ideal. On the other hand, if you choose the “Relaxation” session – this is designed for after work, relaxation, calming anxiety or meditation and it is suggested you keep your eyes closed while you listen.

There are even YouTube channels that are dedicated exclusively to music that is tailored to different needs or moods.

Meditative Mind on YouTube is an excellent channel to follow:

They offer different audios with targeted frequencies embedded in the music. When you listen, the sound vibrations in the magical frequencies…create changes…in your mood. Its black magic really. Its why the ancient priests recited chants and hummmmed. And it has the power to change our world once this information goes viral. Sound is MUCH more powerful than we’ve been told.




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