We learned about the pyramids in school…that they were one of the ancient wonders of the world, made by thousands of slaves as tombs for their kings. What’s funny is, that’s about as far from the truth as possible, at least according to the photos, experts, and evidence that is emerging out of Giza and other sites of ancient pyramids around the world. Whats that? Oh. Yeah. There are other pyramids too. I never knew that either. Apparently, they’re all over…different continents, underground, underwater. I’ll show you all the evidence as we slowly pull back the veil on why the pyramids were built, how they were created, and most surprisingly…WHO is responsible for building them? Yea, crazy, I know. But if I didn’t prep you, I’d lose ya. So lets carry on, and start at the beginning. Scroll down and lets begin.

pyramids of giza


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