What we fail to notice while living from day to day, is that, we live on a Planet of abundance. We’re taught this philosophy of “ONLY Capitalism and Competition can drive progress.” Forget that. Just for a moment. And instead, think of a society that has no money at all. Its almost unfathomable because you begin to wonder how you will eat? how will you retire? won’t everyone just drink beer and sit around if theres no money? See…its so ingrained into our psyche that we can’t even imagine a perfectly balanced society where everyone has a task, or a talent, or knowledge they can share and use to barter with every other person they come in contact with. In the past, this was called “living in community.” The Native Americans perfected this communal society where every person of the ‘tribe’ had a specific task so that they all functioned together singularly to move the ‘whole tribe’ forward. In our world today, we depend on competition. Competition breeds scarcity, which breeds secrecy. Competition suppresses knowledge and technology so that power can be maintained by corporations. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, and if you don’t…I’ll point you to some facts below:

FREE ENERGY has been discovered and is in use already. Why don’t we have access to it? [VIDEO1]

tesla lightinig coil image


The SECRET SPACE PROGRAM is in full effect, NASA is a complete joke, and we have men on Mars right now. Why isn’t the public privy to it? [VIDEO1] [VIDEO2]


secret space program

CORPORATIONS run the world, and politicians are useless puppets to their constituents. Ask yourself, how did it get to be this way? [LINK1]




Here is what the House of Representatives seating chart would look like if you sat them based on which industry contributed most to their campaigns.


Here is what the U.S. Senate seating chart would look like if you sat them based on which industries contributed to their campaigns the most.


The RULING ELITE, which is made up of corporate owners and hand-picked leaders(owned by their masters)-are the ‘Haves.’ And we the people are the ‘Have Nots.’ Why is the world economy set up this way? [LINK1][LINK2][LINK3]





America spends more on the DEFENSE BUDGET than the next 7 countries on the list below them. Combined! Why are we constantly at WAR?? [LINK1] [LINK2]




US Defense budge graph


Ok…so now that we are both on the same page, lets dive in and talk about how to fix it, because we know the current system is not working to the benefit and highest of everyone. Money can be used for good or for destruction. Money makes society efficient because we can divide labor up and value it via a common currency, which we then exchange with each other(instead of bartering). The problem is that we don’t think about who “controls” the money. Who owns the printer? Who says when more can be printed? Who deciphers what its worth? See what I mean…on the surface money seems efficient and well worth using…but underneath it all, you’ve got to ask the tough questions to figure out if money is actually a good thing for society.

money supply quote

For those that aren’t aware of this, ALL of the Central Reserve Banks of the world are private companies. They control our governments. To put it another way, our governments are “indebted” TO these private companies…and our governments then use all of US as their slaves to repay this debt. I know that’s a big pill to swallow, but I had to say it upfront so that you’d see where I’m going with this. Money is not a consequence of thousands of years of bartering and trade. Money was maliciously introduced tool of enslavement, that gives the public the illusion and belief that they are free.




I’m not going to go into detail here about where and when money was created, as that could be a whole new article in and of itself. Instead, here are some links to get you started:

  • For a thorough account of the history of money, and for those that want to dive in deeper, download this pdf to your home computer and read through it: [pdf link on origin of money]
  • The Hidden History of Money can be explored on Mike Maloney’s YouTube channel. It will give you a solid background on issues if you’d rather “watch” versus read.
  • Money and the Evolution of Banking [ebook pdf ]
  • The art of Babylonian Money Magick: The Art of Making Money From Nothing [link]
  • History of Money Coins & The Weight System [link]

The art of creating money out of thin air is a master manipulation pulled off by the ruling elite. You can guess who their God is. Hint: Rhymes with Satan. I’m not talking about the ethical arguments for or against money, or the love of money. I’m talking about a group that maliciously created something to solidify their power and rule for multiple centuries. We’ve all heard the quote “the one with the money makes the rules.” And we laugh, but its true. Money was created so that it could be loaned out cheaply and create something known as debt. Debt is the mechanism of control that has been used to sustain power over mankind for the last 2500+ years. And debt has only exploded in the last 25 years. Remember when a house used to be $24,000? Me either. But my grandparents tell me about it. That is a down payment for a home these days! It also affects the price of everything else. Think about how much the price of food has gone up![link]  And your wages don’t go up at the same rate, so that means you are poorer than last year.

food inflation chart

The price has gone up because of something called “inflation.” Inflation is when the Federal Reserve(private corporation) decides to print more dollar bills because they ran out, and they want to spend money on new things. So now, you and I have to work harder and longer because our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. And Lord knows that wages don’t keep up with the price of living. So, in essence…they can just print more money and make you a bigger slave, because it will take you longer to pay for things, or in most peoples case…get out of debt. Nice huh? All while you were going to school, getting your drivers license, buying a home, and having kids. They’ve snuck it under our nose for centuries, but the last 50 years have been the worst by far. Going back to what this whole page is about: A society without money. What does that even look like? I’m glad you asked, because someone has risen up with an answer. This someone is a man by the name of Michael Tellenger, who has been working on this very utopian idea for multiple years now. He calls it UBUNTU Contributionism. Lets talk about it.



How’s it gonna work? How will I pay for things?! People are lazy, they’re not going to do anything if there’s no money!! I know I know. Those same questions were triggered in my brain as well. We can’t even IMAGINE a society where people act out their god-given skills and pursue whatever it is they love to do. The thing is, all those pre-conceived notions are based on a Consumer and Capitalistic principles that we have been brought up with. In a society without money, we each have a special place in making that society work. Imagine a society where your “job” is to pursue what it is you love, your passion, to use your god-given talents, or your acquired skills….and using THAT as their contribution to society. And that brings us to the key word here: In Africa, they call it ‘UBUNTU,’ and Mr. Tellinger calls it ‘CONTRIBUTIONISM. ‘


Screenshot of Michael Tellinger’s website:


When you change the whole economic system…people experience the realization that OH MY GOSH, WE DON’T NEED MONEY! Not only do they understand it, but they can understand

  • the origins of money
  • how money was introduced
  • why money was introduced
  • how money was twisted as a tool of enslavement
  • And what we can do to get ourselves out of its control

And the really good news is that when people see how simple it is to replace money with a new system…that’s when the light goes on and you start thinking on your own–versus accepting the pre-conceived system of money that we’ve been born into. Just by “un-doing” some of the programming & brainwashing we’ve been led to believe, we can begin to visualize what life and society and relationships would look and feel like when money is not needed. Instead, a new system that is fair for all can be created in its place.



The following is from Michael Tellinger’s website which I’d suggest you check out:



UBUNTU – Contribution System

“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.” Michael Tellinger.


Outline & Manifesto

Every socio-political system we have ever had as the human race has failed us dramatically. South Africa, like the rest of the world, is now sitting on the verge of complete and devastating financial meltdown with catastrophic results for its people. The South African economy and natural recourses have been plundered by reckless and ignorant politicians, with no remorse or any real accountability to its citizens.

There is no possible remedy for the current crisis. Anyone who has done some research into the global financial structures will know that there is no possibility of a happy outcome to the money-driven, consumer-capitalist system that we have all been lured into by our leaders.

South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries of the world. Every person should have everything they wish for. And yet we have more poverty, more homelessness, more hunger, more crime, more disease, more despair, more anarchy and unhappiness than ever before in our history. This situation cannot continue without an eventual bloody revolution.

But this can also be prevented. They say that history has taught us nothing. Well – this is the time when we finally have to learn from history and choose a completely new course.

This potentially catastrophic situation presents us with a shining opportunity to consciously change our course and secure our destiny as the human race and the people of South Africa.

This document presents the very basic foundation of a new social structure to take us into a new era of real freedom, real prosperity and real control of our destiny as the people of South Africa.

To achieve this will require a complete change of thinking and a paradigm shift by the ordinary citizens of the land in our approach to our own destiny. It will require taking back the power from the politicians and the governments they have created, with their complex legal systems, to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them.

The launching of the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM as a new social structure in South Africa, is the result of six years of research and planning by numerous participants who can no longer tolerate the absolute abuse of the good, honest citizens of South Africa and the raping of our land by a group of political elite who have unlawfully assumed ownership of it all.

It is now blatantly clear that the politicians and large corporations have stolen the country from its people – it’s time to take it back. Africa was once GREAT – let us make her GREAT again.


African Roots

In many ways the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM (UCS) is loosely based on the ancient tribal structures of the African people and other native tribes of the world. For thousands of years the native people of the world lived in close tribal communities, in harmony with mother Earth.

Our society has been segregated and separated on so many levels that we hardly understand the word unity any more. UCS will allow people to reconstitute a unified society consisting of smaller harmonious communities.

UCS will restore this harmonious balance between the people and the Earth providing abundance for all, because it is an environment which allows its citizens to all contribute their natural talents and acquired skills to the greater benefit all the people in the community. This applies to all areas of our society; science, technology, agriculture, manufacture, health, education, housing, and all other areas not financially viable under the present economic system.

To begin this journey of transformation, we need to be reminded of our inalienable rights as the citizens of South Africa. It is ironic that these so-called new ideas are almost word for word the principles of the Freedom Charter for which many South Africans have died in past 100 years. Today, this call for rights is no longer applicable to a sector of our population, but a unified call by all its citizens who have been denied freedom and dignity.

Our Inalienable Rights – The Rights of all Citizens

1.     The country belongs to its people

2.     The land belongs to its people

3.     The water belongs to the people

4.     The forests belongs to the people

5.     The rivers and lakes belong to the people

6.     The gold, the platinum, chrome, copper, iron, uranium, tin, aluminium, and all other minerals in the ground belong to the people

7.     The coal belongs to the people

8.     The diamonds belong to the people

9.     Everything that grows on the land belongs to the people

10.   The beaches, the mountains and the skies above belong to the people

11.   The wild animals do not belong to us or anyone else, they belong to the planet and we are their custodians and protectors


These things DO NOT belong to the politicians, the government, or any corporation who has unlawfully claimed exclusive rights over it.


The government has stolen the country from its people. We, the people need to take it back.



Transformation to the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM cannot happen in one step. It can only be introduced in a number of phases or small steps to allow people to acclimatise to the brand new way of life and the freedom that comes with implementing the new structures. These will be highly liberating and exciting times with limitless possibilities for everyone.

The first phase will be the slow and steady decentralisations of the urban metropolitan jungles that have evolve as a result of the chase for money. The repopulation of the many smaller towns and villages across South Africa will be the first objective. Strong rural and farming communities with a variety of privileges will provide the platform for all future steps.

This boosting of these communities will be accompanied by the first wave of freedoms previously denied.

First Freedoms

To recognise these freedoms let’s remind ourselves of some of our inalienable rights. If the land belongs to the people, the rivers and the coal in the ground belongs to the people, why are we paying for these? All rural towns and farming communities will have the following freedoms.




Medium term – FREE FOOD

All possible support will be given to the farmers to produce as much organic food as possible for their own community and other communities in their area. The objective is for each community to be able to provide all the food necessary for their own needs.

The ultimate objective is not only to provide free food, but to slowly move towards the complete eradication of money from the system. Some people may find this a shocking and impossible reality. Once again, all negative sentiments about these plans are based on thousands of years of indoctrination by those who control the supply and flow of money. 

The Needs of Society

What do we need as individuals and communities? The answer has been the same for thousands of years. Food, love, shelter, health, education, arts, culture, science, technology, energy, clothing, tables, chairs, books, boots, hats, and much of all the other stuff we have today. What we do NOT need is money. Money has been created as tool of enslavement to control the availability of all these things, most of the time denying people of most of them.


Most people are under the incorrect assumption that money is the consequence of human evolution and thousands of years of barter and trade. As hard as this may be for some people to accept, that is an incorrect assumption. Meticulous scrutiny of our human history shows very clearly that money was introduced several thousand years ago, by a small group of royal political elites as the supreme tool of enslavement of the masses. Since the very first introduction of money this small group of very powerful individuals have controlled the printing and supply of money, and thereby control the activities on planet Earth.

  • Money is the obstacle to all progress and the cause of all misery on Earth.
  • Money is the major contributing factor to the gross separation and segregation in society.
  • Money is the cause of 99% of crime.
  • Money causes families to fall apart.
  • Money is the driving force behind ego, gluttony, jealousy, greed, envy and all the ugliest aspects of humanity.

The solution is quite clear. REMOVE the problem.

Remove MONEY from society.


  • The UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM is a blueprint for a new social structure in which everyone is absolutely free and equal.
  • A society that functions without the concept of money, any form of barter or trade, or the attachment of value to material things.
  • A culture where each individual is encouraged to follow their passion and contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all the people in the community and society at large.
  • A society with a new set of laws based on the needs of the people where everything is provided freely to everyone who contributes.
  • A society which promotes the highest levels of scientific and technological progress.
  • A society in which arts and culture flourishes allowing people to experience life to the fullest.
  • A society in which spiritual growth of its citizens through the explosion of arts and culture will allow the rapid rise of consciousness to fully embrace the concepts on unity.
  • The system provides unimaginable abundance of all things on all levels, impossible to imagine by those trapped in the capitalist consumer-driven environment of today.


So…YOU tell ME. Knowing what you know now about money, would you rather live in a society with money, or without money? Its worth considering. And Michael’s ideas are founded on actual research of ancient tribes and an actual real-world trial of an UBUNTU Contributionist society in South Africa. For more on Michael’s work, explore the links below.

UBUNTU Contributionism Facebook Page: [link]

Discover UBUNTU [link]

Michael Tellinger – Ancient Breakthrough Energy Technology & the UBUNTU Movement [Video]

Michael Tellinger’s YouTube Channel with all his videos and research [link]

UBUNTU Contributionism Workshop [YouTube Video]

Join the UBUNTU Movement:




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